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Evolution now a member of C&S LegalTech Consulting Group
Evolution has joined C&S LegalTech Consulting Group LLC. The formalization of our previous collaborative relationship allows Evolution to continue providing training, customization and support services for our core applications  »

Time Matters and PCLaw Feature Friday webinar for November
hosted by LexisNexis for Practice Management Customers  »

Time Matters 14 strikeout doesn't always work
I wanted to let you know about a work-around with the strikeout issue...  »

Catch up on Feature Friday webinars
Watch Feature Friday training webinars for Time Matters or PCLaw on Demand  »

Symphony OCR & Symphony Profiler – Available for Worldox GX4

Time Matters and PCLaw Feature Friday webinars for September
Attend one of these informative webinars on September 11th  »

Worldox searching tip
When text or name searching and you want to be sure you pick up all possible forms of a word  »

Sony Digital Paper
The Sony Digital paper is an amazing tool, holding approximately 2400 pages at your fingertips for review, annotation, and execution.  »

Worldox GX4 has been released for upgrade
Worldox GX4 is now available to customers on maintenance who wish to upgrade. GX4 has a beautiful new interface, it offers features that a lot of users have wished for in the past, like tile view organization of the document list by doc type, and automatically profiling emails from Outlook.  »

PCLaw v.14.1
PCLaw v.14.1 is available to all clients with maintenance, and includes more fine-grained security on the dashboards, the ability to show the client name on the Time and Fee sheet, enhanced reports, and addresses 22 known issues. For more information, or to schedule an upgrade, give us a call.  »

The Sony Digital Paper is now only $799.00 as of April 1, 2015
See the video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrp9TxgFBdw&feature=youtu.be  »

New Worldox tip - using Same profile as...
How to Save as Version when Document name has been changed when it is returned via Email (or Saving a document as a version of an existing doc when Worldox doesn’t recognize it as such)  »

Time Matters and PCLaw Feature Friday webinars for October

Sony Digital Paper press release
As of October 1st, the price for the Sony Digital Paper is $999.99 and support for Box has been added, and Worldox FileCloud is no longer required  »

What’s new in Symphony Suite?
Symphony Suite, when combined with Worldox, provides a workflow to scan and profile documents accurately and faster, and automatic OCR of pdf and tif documents in the background. Read more to learn about the great enhancements in the newest version...  »

Time Matters and PCLaw Feature Friday webinars for September

Time Matters and PCLaw webinars for June
offered by Lexis Nexis  »

Time Matters and PCLaw Feature Friday webinars for February

January Feature Friday Webinars for Time Matters and PCLaw
Excellent topics for the beginning of a new year...  »

TM Connect Email as Document
This is an improvement over the old way of TM connecting emails because it saves the email in its native .msg format. In other words, when you open the email in TM it will now launch in OL, as the original email, so it can be forwarded or replied to in Outlook...  »

Worldox and Exchange 2013 Support
World Software Corporation has released a patch that makes GX3 compatible with Exchange 2013.  »

Time Matters and PCLaw Feature Friday Webinars for December
Good topics for this month's webinars presented by LexisNexis  »

Time Matters and PCLaw Product Tours - Today 11/14/2013
Attend these webinars to check out a new feature from Time Matters and/or PCLaw...  »

Avoid using the Click-to-Run version of Microsoft Office!
Since the release of this variant of Microsoft Office, we have had a significant increase in the number of troubleshooting calls with various 3rd party software add-ons. For the sake of everyone involved, we strongly encourage you to avoid using this version, and use the standard msi version instead.  »

Time Matters and PCLaw Feature Friday webinars in November
Learn something new, enjoy a free webinar hosted by LexisNexis  »

Very Quick List of OS X Mavericks new features
iBooks, Maps & Weather in Events, Safari sidebar, expanded multiple screen functionality, more aggressive Keychain/password, more desktop notifications, Finder Tabs and Tags to facilitate working with files .. still evaluating ..  »

Symphony OCR for Windows folder structure
Symphony OCR, previously a great addition to Worldox for making pdf's and images text searchable, now has a new version that works within the Windows folder structure...  »

Issue with running Spotify and TM Messenger
A recent update to Spotify will cause issues with TM Messenger (via DDE-Dynamic Data Exchange protocol). If you experience this, try loading either program manually instead of automatically, as to avoid running both at the same time.  »

Worldox Fall Promotions
50% discount on Worldox GX3 Enterprise server, the bulk archive tool, and third-party software Connectors, through October 31st  »

Time Matters and PCLaw Product Tours in September

Time Matters and PCLaw - Feature Friday Webinars in August
Each month LexisNexis offers free training webinars for customers on annual maintenance. August webinars are next Friday, and the Time Matters topic is Security, and the PCLaw topic is Mastering the Template Editor.  »

Small cost increase of Worldox annual maintenance fee
the cost of annual maintenance is increasing effective 9/1/13  »

Worldox Enterprise Summer Promotion
Worldox GX3 Enterprise Server license for 50% through August 31, 2013  »

Time Matters / Billing Matters 12 SP2 – Changes to third-party software support
Along with a variety of improvements and fixes, SP2 will add several new third-party software certifications. It will also discontinue support for Office 2003, Outlook 2003, and Exchange 2003. If you are using those products with Time Matters or Billing Matters 12, you should not update to SP2.  »

Time Matters 12 Technical Bulletin
If you're thinking of upgrading to Time Matters 12, and you use both TM Messenger and TM Save from MS Office, you may want to wait until this Conflict in the software is resolved...  »

Worldox GX3 Tip 1 - Speed up your lookups
Quick shortcuts to make your searches much Snappier!  »

Microsoft Office 2010 - Tip 3 - Maximize Document Viewing Space
If you want to emphasize document viewing space on the screen, you may find it better to right click on the ribbon bar and choose 'Minimize'.  »

Microsoft Office 2010 - Tip 2 - Editing ('The Spike')
quicker copy and paste using the Spike  »

Add Evolution's Free RSS feed to your Outlook
1-2-3 instructions to add the feed to your Outlook 2007 or 2010. Automatically receive free application tips to your RSS feed folder, and check them out whenever you like!  »

Time Matters/Billing Matters version 12 will be released in December
The new Time Matters 12 includes the new Time Entry Advisor that helps you automatically monitor and log task time for more accurate billing and increased firm profitability (also have a look at our Practice Management ROI piece (http://www.evotechsol.com/articles/id/33), to see how quickly Time Matters can help you recover your investment, and improve quality and morale).  »

Time Matters Tip 4 - Messenger
You can create a record from a Messenger by highlighting the message and clicking on File > New Record...  »

Customer Referral Program
Know anyone or any firm that might benefit from our services? Help us continue to serve the South Florida legal community! As a symbol of our appreciation for your referral, we will send you a personal Gift Card ($15 or $25, depending on outcome) for credit at Starbucks or on iTunes! We will also credit your Firm for two hours of free service time, if the referral turns into a relationship. Please ask the firm to contact us directly, or forward their contact information to us by e-mail (info@evotechsol.com).  »

Time Matters Tip 5 - Quirks, Glitches, and Annoyances - Hard-to-Use Time Matters Areas Made Easy
There are certain features in Time Matters that tend to raise the most concerns or questions, and sometimes make users want to pull their hair out! We experience and understand your frustration, and hope this article will help resolve some of those issues.  »

Time Matters Tip 6 - What is TM Mobility?
TM Mobility gives you quick and seamless access to your Contacts, Matters, and Time/Expense entries on the go, from any web enabled device through a browser interface, and is included in your Time Matters subscription.  »

October Time Matters user group meetings!
Join us for a free Time Matters users group meeting. All Time Matters users are welcome! Share ideas and learn something new.  »

Time Matters/Timeslips integration
If you’re using the Time Matters/Timeslips integration, you may not want to upgrade TS yet.  »

Worldox GX2 Tip 3 - Worldox Cloud Feature - Quick & Easy Filtering
If you want a quick way to set multiple filters on the Worldox file list, use the Cloud tab, it’s a new (GX2) tab at the bottom of the file list.  »

Time Matters Tip 3 - Formattable Clipboard
Use the Formattable Clipboard to create custom quick clips of data and even full documents and letters.  »

Tabs/Practice Master Tip 4 - Updating/Undoing Statement?
Quick way to Know if a Statement Has Been Billed But Not Updated  »

Worldox GX2 Tip 1 - Auto-Text
How AutoText Suggestions work in GX2 Searches  »

Worldox GX2 Tip 2 - Boolean Operators
Use these couple of simple Boolean Operators to get better Search Results  »

WordPerfect X5 - Tip 1
WordPerfect X5 PDF Import  »

Tabs/Practice Master Tip 1 - Pre-Bill Tracking
Simplify Billing by using Pre-Bill Tracking  »

Tabs/Practice Master Tip 2 - Conflict of Interest Search
Use the Conflict of Interest Search  »

Microsoft Office 2010 - Tip 1
Use the Improved Ribbon to Create or Customize your own tabs.  »

Tabs/Practice Master Tip 3 - Snooze your Alarms
Snooze All your Alarms At Once  »

Time Matters Tip 2 - Contact or Matter Monitors
Present critical information Front-and-Center with Dynamic Contact and Matter Monitors.  »

Time Matters Tip 1 - Inactivity Watch!
Don't lose cases or clients for lack of attention or follow-through!  »

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