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Time Matters Tip 1 - Inactivity Watch!


Use the Inactivity Watch feature in Time Matters to keep an eye on your matters or clients.  To set up your particular watch criteria, click on the Options button on the "Alerts, Reminders and Watches" window, then click on the Inactivity Watch tab.  You can select whether to watch matters, contacts, or both.  Then use the “Advanced” button to filter for specific types of contacts.  Select whether you want to track all records or only your own.  Set the amount of time within which there should be activity, and whether it will include supporting records as well.

For example, Select Matter, select Primary Staff same as Alert Screen staff, enter 3 months in the ‘Watch for records not changed in the last’ area, and check Events, ToDo’s, and all Supporting Records.  You will receive warnings for all Matter records (where you are the primary staff), where the record itself, or any of its' related records, have not changed in the last 3 months.