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Time Matters Tip 3 - Formattable Clipboard

Use the Formattable Clipboard to create custom quick clips of data and even full documents and letters.

Some examples might be: a name & address block or regarding information for a letter; contact information or appointment details for sending via email. The clipboard format is completely self contained in Time Matters, and can be accessed right from Word or Outlook using the Insider button. 

1. Create: File > Setup > Templates > Formattable Clipboards 

A. Select which type of record holds the data you want from the pulldown - click Add
B. Type a descriptive name
C. Type in the text of the document (or copy and paste)
D. Place codes into the text to represent the fields being pulled from the record. Double click on fields from the list on the right – they will be placed at the cursor location
E. You can also select fields from records Linked or Related to the main record.  Formatting codes, such as tabs and page breaks are under Special

2. Use: From Word or Outlook, click the Insider button on the Time Matters toolbar

A. Select the Record type from the pulldown
B. Click in the Tag checkbox at the left of each record to “merge”
C. Select the desired format
D. Paste