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TM Connect Email as Document
Connect Outlook emails to Time Matters and maintain the OL format

Starting with version 12 of Time Matters, two buttons will appear in the toolbar area or on the Add-Ins ribbon, in Outlook - Connect as Email and Connect as Document.  Connect as Email works as it always did – it will strip out any graphics and save text only in a TM email record.  Connect as Document will save the email in its native .msg format from OL.

The primary differences in process are:

- when you Connect as Document a TM document form (instead of a TM email form) opens.  There is no preview of the email on a document form. Complete the Regarding line with the appropriate matter/contact, and save and close.

- emails will be listed on the Docs tab of the matter (instead of the the Email tab).

The primary benefit is the better, more accurate, more useful email record linked to your TM matter.  When you open the email it will launch in Outlook, and be a fully-functional OL email.