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Add Evolution's Free RSS feed to your Outlook

From Outlook, while in Folder view (can be turned on by clicking the folder icon, at the bottom of your left-side navigation pane, if you are using another default view):


(1) locate your RSS feed folder

(2) right-click it and select, " Add a New RSS Feed"

(3) paste http://www.evotechsol.com/rss.php?show&page=blog.

Don't forget to sort by subject, rather than by date, if you want to review by application, rather than chronologically. You can also subscribe to http://www.evotechsol.com/rss.php?show&page=articles for our free articles on new features, topics and program reviews.

That's it!

We will also do this for you free of charge, either during our next site visit to you, or by connecting remotely (call 305-671-3720 or email lmedina@evotechsol.com or nderochefort@evotechsol.com).