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Worldox GX4 has been released for upgrade

We think you’ll really like the more intuitive interface and streamlined profiling.  Below are some of the new features in GX4:


§  Documents can be viewed in a Tile or List view (Tile groups docs by Date, Category, Doc type, Author or Typist)

§  Integrated viewer (document displays on the right automatically when you highlight it on the list)

§  Quick search field can be set to search by  1. Contents, 2. Doc ID/Description, or 3. all three.

§  When profiling, you can type/lookup client or matter description directly from the field (no extra click for lookup table)

§  The profile window now has tabs on the left for Quick Profiles, Favorite Matters and Cabinets, to make saving quicker/easier/more flexible.

§  Categories are now included in Save and Search windows for easier access.

§  Follow me Favorites have your favorite matters available everywhere you go –  while Saving, and in Outlook (it’s no longer necessary to create your email quick profiles)

§  Active Profiling in Outlook displays the suggested profile (Client & Matter) as a column in the Outlook inbox

§  Quick search Field in Word and Excel so you can search for docs in Worldox right from the application

 Image of the GX4 tileview with in-line preview pane

Let us know if you’re interested, and we’ll get you more information.