Evolution Legal Technology Solutions

Ensuring your technology investment delivers what it promised

Has your practice achieved all it can in these areas?

Can Evolution LTS turn these solutions into everyday strategic advantages for your firm?

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EVOLUTION Legal Technology Solutions (ELTS)

ELTS is a Technology and Legal Application consulting organization.

Our focus is to restore a harmonious balance between your technology infrastructure and investment and your business’ vital interests.

Because your needs come first, that means making the technology at your disposal serve you, not the other way around.

While having the right technology today is a necessary competitive edge, it’s not the whole story.


“Nicolas is one of the best IT consultants with which our firm has worked. He is conscientious, on time and reasonably priced. Unlike some of his competitors, he considers the client's needs and best interests in everything he does. He is an expert at TimeMatters and other contact management systems. If you need someone who is reliable and a quality strategist, hire Nicolas and his firm.”

Bill Carlson, President at Tucker/Hall, Inc., Tampa, FL.


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