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New Worldox tip - using Same profile as...

Here are the steps:

  • Drag the document to the workzone as usual.
  • When the new profile window opens (instead of the Save As choices for and existing document)
  • (Select the profile Group)
  • Click the [Same Profile As…] button on the top

You’ll be taken to the file list – Find and Double Click on the original document (if you know the doc number you can type it in the location field)

The 'Same Profile As' Window opens, showing the original document's profile and offering 3 choices:

  • Description only (copy the description from the orig doc)
  • Full Profile (copy the profile for a new doc)
  • Save as a new version

Select Save as new Version

Click [OK]

That is how you save a document as a version of another document when the program doesn’t recognize it as the same document.