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Time Matters Tip 6 - What is TM Mobility?

TM Mobility gives you quick and seamless access to your Contacts, Matters, and Time/Expense entries on the go, from any web enabled device through a browser interface, and is included in your Time Matters subscription.

Installation happens in the form of a separate installer file available when you download your current version of Time Matters. It is often installed on the first computer you install Time Matters on (often a server) but can also be installed to another network computer that has the Time Matters client installed on it.

The software acts as a portal into your Time Matters data, via the Lexis Nexis Cloud interface (Windows Azure-based), with SSL encryption, and does not place any of your data on your portable device. The system requirements and processing/memory load are no greater than what you would need to run the Time Matters client.

Aside from the above, the only other requirements are to use “Strong Passwords” in Time Matters: 8 characters or more, upper and lower case, include numbers or special characters, not same as user ID, and not same as last 5 used. It is set to require being changed every 90 days by default, and 5 failed logins will cause a lockout, which an administrator must unlock.

The interface is designed to give you fast and simple access to the essential elements of your records, and to make it easy for you to add basic information to your database while away, when necessary.

From the home screen, choose whether you want to see Contacts, Matters, or Time/Expense records.  Based on your choice, Contacts or Matters will take you to a screen where you can search for the record you need, by Name, Number, Staff, or Code. From this screen you can also choose to add a record. There is a handy “Home” icon at the top left of the screen which is always available to take you right back to your starting spot.

Once you execute the search, resulting records are displayed in increasing increments of 5 (by clicking on the “More” hyperlink at the bottom of each successive list).

Both Contact and Matter search results lists present easy to understand icons that allow you to either add a time/expense entry to the item selected, or open the record itself to view its details (you can also add the Time/Expense entry from there). 

Contact records include all essential contact information (Name, ID, Staff, Code, Address, Business & Home Phone, Email, Fax, Related Matters and Memo area) while Matters show similar basic information (Name, Number, Assigned Staff, Code, Related Contacts and Memo area). The Time and Expense area follows the same basic logic, but is limited to your most recent 25 entries (view older records from your main Time Matters session).

Calendar functionality has also now been added (as of 11/4/2011). The screen for events works the same as the Time/Expense screen, and shows you all your events on a per day basis.

If you would like a demonstration of the system, we can do so for you in-person (if device specific) or online.