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Worldox Enterprise Summer Promotion

If you've been considering Worldox GX3 Enterprise, you may want to add it this summer.  For a limited time (until August 31, 2013), the GX3 Enterprise Server License is only $2,500, a 50% discount.  Maintenance contracts are required, at the standard $1,000 per year for the Enterprise Server.

Not sure why you would want GX3 Enterprise?  Exactly the same user interface whether connected in the office, or across the world.  Enterprise takes advantage of Microsoft's Published App technology and extends it to a new level.  The Worldox Enterprise Server architecture allows the Worldox published application to have full communication with your local applications, including MS Office, Outlook and case management software.

For a better understanding, check out this case study.  And if you have any questions, or would like more information, please give us a call.