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Tabs/Practice Master Tip 1 - Pre-Bill Tracking


Simplify your billing process by using PreBill Tracking in Tabs3!


  • Run your draft bills as usual
  • Make your edits as usual
  • Go to the Prebill Tracking icon on the Statements tab and place a check mark next to every bill that is ready for Final by double clicking or clicking on the Reviewed button at the bottom of the screen with the client(s) highlighted
  • Click on the Hold button at the bottom of the screen for all those statements that have been Reviewed but do not need to go out with this batch/run of statements
  • Now Click on the Final Button at the bottom of the screen and enter your cutoff date as usual and click OK
  • Print your Prebill Tracking report so that you now have a record of everything you Final Billed.
  • Update your statements and then go back to look at your PreBill Tracking program. The only thing you have left on your screen should be those statements that you have not received back from an attorney. 
  • This makes the following up on those statements a lot easier, takes the guess work out of what you still have left to Final bill and allows you to quickly process many Final bills at one time.

Edie - LSS.