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inMailX add-in to enhance Worldox Email management


inMailX for Worldox is an Outlook add-in that gives you better flexibility and options to handle emails.

Most significant to many of you will be the ability to fully or semi-automate email filing. The fully automated option happens on a scheduled basis of your choosing while the semi-automated option is a one-click action. In both cases, once selected, all applicable emails are profiled/copied to Worldox (when desired, you can batch ‘purge’ the Outlook copies when you’ve determined they’re no longer needed). The copies left in Outlook have extra fields and a green category that let you know it has been profiled. Once an email has been profiled via inMailX, characters identifying your site, along with additional client and matter identifiers, get inserted into the subject line.  From then on, as long as those characters are part of the subject line, emails will get profiled accordingly.

The Pro version inMailX also provides many additional features (1. combined-action clicks: Rename, Reorder, Scrub Metadata, PDF, ZIP, Print attachments; 2. Email specific Task/Event creation; 3. Signature management; 4. Email template library) at a moderate price increase from the basic package, and is available for 10 users minimum and up.