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Time Matters New Features and Fixes 14-16 Detail
Faster document searching (25%)
Conflict of Interest searches faster (25%)
Streamlined Mark Done/Undone (2 clicks)
Timed Form Autosave setting to mitigate possible data loss
QB 2017 integration (supported, TM and BM)
Timeslips Premium and 2017 (supported)
Windows Server 2016 (supported)
Active Directory Integration for login
Calendar detail view
Default doc save to Microsoft OneDrive
Calendar Daily ‘fly-out’ window when exceeds viewable space
  • Biling -Time rounding on billing entry entry w/out regarding now accurate
  • Contacts-Contact address update correctly on both Contact and Matter, Pclaw linked contacts updating correctly
  • Email -Mult. addresses correctly separated by semicolon when replying
  • Forms-Adding new note or custom form closes normally
  • General-Tmwe.exe process closes when application is closed
  • Messenger-Duplication of messages eliminated
  • Power View-Record details on Powerview now display correctly
  • Scheduler-Descriptions for private events no longer display
  • Timesheet-add billing form time sheets correctly inherits default values
Easily relocate docs from 1 matter/location to another
Refresh button for all records list/sublist
‘Remove Padded Spaces’ and ‘Clean Inbox’ utilities
OneDrive (supported)
  • Outlook - reminders don’t default reset to 15 minutes on synch
  • Office - TM can load 2013 CTR integration w/o errors
  • Audit - changes to audited fields now show in Audit log for UDR’s
  • Calendar - User are able to cancel or exit the Special Date window using the Cancel button or the Close button (x), Recurring events and multi-day events display the same as a single event block on a calendar, Changing the calendar interval does not change the daily calendar start time, The Calendar maintains the correct start time when toggling between event windows, An event displays with a strikethrough it indicating the event is complete. 
  • TM Connect - TM Connect connects read receipt and delivery receipt emails from Outlook, Replying to a connected email shows the email address instead of the Display Name. 
  • Time Entry Advisor views - When converting from version 11 15, the Time Entry Advisor Views are created. 
  • Search - Can copy text from document search preview window and paste in another document, Search queries performed in a version 14 database after upgrading from version 11 returns results without error. 
  • Power views - Detailed Billing Powerview displays billing rates without producing a javascript error. 
  • Timeline tab - The Timeline tab displays the description in the Desc. column as expected.
  • Remote db Synch - When installing new remote database for Time Matters and then attempting to login no longer produces the error: This database is the wrong version.
  • Chain Templates - Records must be unchained prior to attempting to archive, Chain templates with multiple record types keep staff grouped in the staff field. 
  • Timesheet - The Time Matters application responds as expected after entering time and expenses in the Billing Item Form - Add window. 
  • Triggers - Code and Staff are saved when a trigger is created. 
  • Rcpt Alloc. Report - When applying partial payments, the Receipt Allocation Report total matches the amount paid.
  • Form Styles - Custom form styles are retained when a custom import is performed, The Enter Staff on Add option adds the staff name of the user logged in, When multiple contacts are linked to an individual record and a change is made to the regarding line contact, the other contact will be replaced by the regarding line contact. If you have experienced this issue, please contact support for assistance. 
  • Font - Reply email font size is the same as a new email message. 
  • Billing - The Billing Status recalculates the billable amount after a process change. 
  • Send to Time Matters - Send to Time Matters command saves the document with all required fields. 
  • Email - Return receipt is received when an email is connected to a MAPI account, Word wrap works as expected when the signature is in text form for an outgoing email
  • Alarms - Freezing and compatibility issues due to DDE with Alarms and other software programs have been resolved. 
  • Backup/Restore - Backing up the database when upgrading from Time Matters 11 no longer results in a SQL error. 
  • Billing Matters - When the Billing Form Duration is exported to Excel, the exported value and the value displayed on the form are now the same, Timesheet and Quick Item Entry now round up time entries according to the billing preferences of each matter, An error during Transaction creation asking the user to select an account when the account has already been selected no longer appears, Phase codes can now be entered when creating a time entry from the Timesheet or the Navigator, and the selected matter uses phase codes.
  • Calendar/ Scheduler/ Docketing - Events properly add, update or delete themselves as needed when staff is changed, Events and Todos with a long memo now display in strikethrough text in all calendar views when marked “Done”, When adding an Event from the Calendar and an Auto Entry form is selected, the Event now autofills its duration from the Auto Entry form's duration, HTML code no longer appears in the Todo description when the record is marked “Done”. 
  • Document Forms - Time Matters no longer prompts for a file location when creating a PDF from the Document list, When saving email attachments as “Document records related to the Email”, you no longer have to select the ‘Existing’ tab first to properly save the attachment. 
  • Email - Time Matters now properly warns when MAPI emails are not sent due to attachments exceeding the size limit, Email threads are now maintained in their entirety even when they contain both text and HTMLformatted messages, Emails now preview and print correctly when printing an email from the Email sublist using the Standard Email format. 
  • ExchangeSynch - Entered passwords are now properly validated via the Test button when saving a new Exchange password from within Time Matters, When the Contact first and last name fields are updated in Time Matters, the “Display As” and “Display Name” values for the Contact card and address book in Outlook now correctly update during the Exchange synchronization. 
  • Forms - When selecting multiple classification codes from the codes lookup, the selected codes now display in the Codes field immediately. 
  • Juris Link - When linking a Matter with Juris, the date fields are no longer changed. 
  • Lists - When exporting list data to Excel, the column headers are now the classification code/ form style selected by the user or those of the records exported, Sorting a search results list by a text field no longer blanks out the list when the search filter is on a customized date field and that field is also a text field for other records. 
  • Notes - Clicking the Print button from a Notes form now displays the Report Specifications screen before printing, Printing a Note record now prints both the header and memo information. 
  • Outlook Synch - When choosing a staff to synchronize Events with Outlook, the selected staff is automatically saved and the related Events are synced. 
  • PCLaw Link - Staff information is no longer removed from the Time Matters Contact when the PCLaw Client is updated from Time Matters, Updates to the client or alternate address on the Matter PCLaw tab no longer overwrite the data for the second matter billing address in PCLaw. 
  • Reports - Typing in a page number in the Report Preview GoTo field now displays that page number. 
  • Standard Reports (BM) - The Receipts by Fee Allocation Report now displays accurate totals when payments are received from multiple sources. 
  • TimeLine/TimeChart - The adjusted column widths for the Timeline sublist are now retained when the contact or matter record is closed, The Timeline sublist now stays on the selected record when that record is opened and saved. 
  • Timeslips Link - The Status field on the Billing form now retains the selected option. 
  • TM Connect - All email attachments are now automatically saved to Time Matters when the folder and file path names are longer than 157 characters, Saving an email to Time Matters no longer locks up Outlook, Saving an email as a Document now properly saves the email and includes the .MSG file extension in the file path, Email attachments are now saved to the correct directory when Autonaming is enabled and a directory other than the files directory is used, When saving multiple email attachments to Time Matters, the Autonaming feature is now available during the Document form preview. 
  • TM Save - PDF files are now saved to Time Matters when the file is an email attachment and opened from Outlook, The TM Save functionality is now available even when multiple instances of WordPerfect are open. 
  • Trigger - A Billing form is now properly created with the specified Auto Entry form when the Billing form is initiated from a Trigger.
New Calendar design: The Time Matters 14 software includes a new, single, unified calendar with a familiar look and feel to help you plan your day and meet important client deadlines.
New Calendar functionality includes: 
  • An additional Work Week view customizable by each user for the number and which days per week
  • Drag and drop capabilities to change event dates/times and task dates on the Daily and Work Week views n Automatic parallel view to see multiple calendars side by side (Daily and Work Week views only) 
  • Ability to use Shift or Ctrl keys (instead of check boxes) to tag/select multiple records
  • Event headers and descriptions are displayed
  • The color of event and to do headers are displayed on the Daily, Work Week, Weekly and Monthly views 
  • Special dates now work like all-day events, graying out the entire day 
Calendar functionality no longer available:
  • Classic Calendar
  • Multi-Day view where you can customize the number of days to see on multiple views
  • Ability to customize the calendar color scheme
  • Ability to specify background colors for weekdays and weekends
  • Ability to specify the display order (e.g. top to bottom, left to right) for the Weekly calendar
  • Separate billing calendar 
“In-place upgrade” capability 
The software upgrade process has been enhanced with an "in-place upgrade" capability that reduces the downtime required to move from the Time Matters 13.x to Time Matters 14 software. This version uses the same database, program files directory, firm, and user settings as the Time Matters 13.x software. For example in one case, a 157 MB Time Matters database took 40% less time to upgrade from version 13 to version 14 than it did from version 12 to version 13. Your actual results may vary based on the size of your Time Matters database, network speed, and server/workstation configurations. 
Integration with Juris® software
This version improves the integration of the Time Matters and Juris software applications to ensure accurate data synchronization between the two products. This improved integration:
  • Eliminates the creation of duplicate client and matter records in the Time Matters software when the information in the client’s or matter’s Juris record is changed
  • Takes time and expense entries entered into the Time Matters software and marks them with a 'Draft' status in Juris Suite where Juris Suite compliance rules can be applied
Note The Time Matters 14 software requires that you have Juris Suite 2.6.x or higher software installed if you wish to link the two programs. 
Update to the Time Matters technology platform 
The technology underlying the Time Matters software has been updated in this release. This update will enable the future delivery of additional new capabilities, software improvements and innovations
  • Outlook Synchronization - Now runs much faster than it ran in Time Matters 13.2.
  • PCLaw link - Link now Saves and Closes a matter much faster even when there are many related Contacts and/or Matters associated with the record being saved, When you create a new matter for a contact that has greater than one-hundred related matters, and the contact is setup to be linked with PCLaw, the process of sending the new matter to PCLaw now runs much faster. 
  • Regarding fields - When attempting to manually change a client name, the name field now maintains the new name after tabbing out of that field. 
  • Timers - When starting the timer on a billing record that already has a value in it, the total duration field no longer zeros out.