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Productivity Suite and Workflow Tools for Worldox GX3

Productivity Suite: The full Productivity Suite is $119 (+ $40 maint) per user for firms up to 25 users. It includes Workflow Tools: Workflow, Task Reminder, and Event Notify, as well as pdfDocs and compareDocs v.4 from DocsCorp. The Suite has six components, or modules:

  • Workflow - Enables automated reviews, approvals and transmittals for Worldox-managed documents.
  • Task - Used to set up and track document-specific, Outlook-based reminders without leaving the Worldox window.
  • Notify - A way to receive automatic notifications when specified actions are taken with tagged files and folders.
  • Chat - Instant messaging inside Worldox, between Worldox users.
  • pdfDocs - a PDF generator and editor, including all popular PDF editing and security features.
  • compareDocs - an industry leading file-comparison app that compares any file type.

Let’s look at Workflow

1. Route a document or multiple documents to a person or people for one of 3 types of feedback: review/comment, approve/reject, or rate. Set a due date and what will qualify as a success.

For Example, the partner needs to approve drafts before they are finalized. I use a workflow route to send a link to the document, requesting approval by the end of the day. When the document is opened or viewed, and approved, I receive an email back.

2. Route a document to a series of people, where the success of one route launches the next one.

For Example, documents are being prepared for a seminar, and I will want the team to review and comment, but not until they are first ‘signed off’ on by the partner. I use a workflow route to send a link to the documents to the partner, requesting approval by a reasonable due date. When the documents are approved, the second route sends the linked documents to the team for their comments.

3. Create a workflow template for routes used often.

For Example, pre-fill the options for request for approval from your attorney or manager. When needed, the workflow can be created almost automatically.

Let’s look at Task

Create an Outlook task associated with a document or documents, with or without a reminder.

For Example, when a request for production is received and saved into Worldox, create a task to prepare response, linking the RFP to the task/reminder.

Let’s look at Notify

Get an email notification if a certain document, or certain types of documents, are accessed (viewed, opened, saved, copied) by anyone or by particular users.

What is pdfDocs?

pdfDocs is a full featured PDF creator and editor developed by DocsCorp, with all the features of Acrobat or Nuance.

What can I do with pdfDocs?

  • Create a PDF or PDF/A document, Organizer Project, or Binder Project.
  • Mark up the document for review - Apply stamps or comments, highlight, underline or strikethrough.
  • Edit text, delete and re-arrange pages, rotate and crop pages.
  • Secure documents with password and permission setting, remove private information using redaction.
  • Work from the Backstage view to open PDF docs, organizer Projects and Binder projects from the local drive, network drive, or Worldox.

What is compareDocs?

compareDocs is a document comparison application developed by DocsCorp, which utilizes the latest document comparison technology.

What can I do with compareDocs?

  • Integrates with Word, Outlook and Worldox.
  • Takes advantage of Word’s native ‘Track Changes’ functionality to enable instant and efficient review of the comparison result in a format familiar to you.
  • Allows you to accept and reject changes within the comparison result.
  • Compare any two (2) supported document types:
  • Word to Word
  • PDF to PDF (if installed with OCR Server/Desktop, the resulting Comparison Report can be displayed in Word, with changes marked up using Track Changes)
  • PDF to Word or Word to PDF (When comparing documents of two (2) different types, the comparison result will be displayed as a PDF. When installed with OCR Server/Desktop, the resulting Comparison Report can be displayed in Word, with changes marked up using Track Changes)
  • Any supported document types can be compared – DOC, DOT, MSG, PDF, PPT, RTF, TXT, XLS

Workflow Tools only is $65 (+ $25 maint) per user for any number of users. It includes the Workflow Tools mentioned above, but does not include compareDocs and pdfDocs.