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Time MattersĀ® 13 and Billing MattersĀ® 13 is being released

Version 13 includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • Integrated, secure, online document-sharing via the Time Matters Client Portal – allows you to collaborate with clients and colleagues without a third-party application.
  • Scheduled automatic backups of the Time Matters database and shared files directory.
  • Sort by date in the Contact and Matter Timeline.
  • Color-code by Matters on the calendar.
  • Improved Time Matters Messenger performance

Quality improvements, most notably, these fixes to the TM Connect issues we saw in v.12:

  • When saving an attachment as a document from Outlook, the correct document is now saved with the correct file name.
  • When document auto-naming is turned on in Time Matters, and you connect an email as a document, the ".msg" file extension is now included in the file name.
  • When using TM Connect to save an email to Time Matters, junk characters no longer appear in the body of the Email record message.
  • When TM connecting as an Email, Time Matters no longer crashes when you attempt to move the form window or copy and paste from the email into the form

Important Note for Billing Matters Accounting Customers
You must completely transition your firm’s accounting data to another program before upgrading to Billing Matters 13. Do not upgrade to Billing Matters 13 if you have not completed the transition of your firm’s accounting data; otherwise, you will lose access to that accounting data.

Customers only using the billing functionality in Billing Matters not be affected.

Customers who wish to keep a read-only copy of their Billing Matters accounting data and database for historical purposes will need a feature pack to do so. This feature pack can be requested by calling LexisNexis Customer Support at 800-387-9785.

Important Notice for Time Matters 10, Billing Matters 10, and LNTPA 10 Customers
Effective April 30, 2014, all telephone support, new software releases and training courses will be officially discontinued for those products.

Important Notice for Customers Using Desktop Extensions

The desktop extensions feature will be removed in Time Matters 13. After upgrade to Time Matters 13 desktop extensions will be gone.