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LawToolBox - The Internet, Rule-Based Deadline Calculator

LawToolBox is a web-based tool that attorneys and paralegals use to calculate rule-based deadlines, automate case deadline charts, print firm-wide and attorney-specific deadline reports, and send email ticklers.

It is constantly updated online, and will synchronize with your firm's Outlook, Time Matters or PCLaw calendars (which SHOULD absolutely synchronize to your smart phones/PDA's). After evaluating and testing the product, we believe this will prove to be a valuable addition to any serious Litigator's software suite. Little known deadlines and the reliability of online monitoring delivers stategic advantages and peace-of-mind you won't want to go without after you have seen the difference.

LawToolBox just announced their new rule-set for FLORIDA - State Superior Court and are seeking litigators and paralegals that would like to compare their deadlines to the deadlines automatically generated from LawToolBox for one or several of their matters. Beta Testers will be given free access to calculate and manage rule-based court deadlines for as many matters as they like during the beta period. Firms evaluating the software within this beta period will be given a one month free trial after the period, and if they subscribe, will also receive 50% off their first 2 months on LawToolBox.

Evaluation is as simple as entering a civil litigation trial date. This will  generate a rule-based deadline chart from the Lawtoolbox system system for you to review and compare to what you have in your system. Before a deadline expires, you will receive email reminders with practice tips about that deadline. LawToolBox also synchronizes deadlines from LawToolBox to either Outlook, Time Matters or PCLaw.

Watch these free On-Demand Video Demos:  Rule-Based Court Deadlines for Outlook (7 min video), Rule-Based Court Deadlines ONLINE SOFTWARE (5 min video), Rule-Based Court Deadlines for TIME MATTERS (6 min video)

To get a free benchmark of your deadlines for one (or more) of your matters in a 10 minute Phone/Web demo, click here and we will contact you to schedule at your convenience.